Experiences with the natural world are at the forefront of Vanessa's practice. Everything from color palette to form is in one way or another a reflection on nature. An interdisciplinary artist, she enjoys working in a variety of mediums including clay, plaster, tea, wood, fabric and yarn. Alongside using the natural world as a template, Vanessa's work deals with the ideas of femininity and identity. Her masks and wearables empower a true and alternative inner self. In working with processes such as basket/pot making, sewing, and weaving - the clear link between historically "women's work" and her practice cannot be ignored. Combining these processes into different ones such as sculpture and paintings questions these processes “femininity” in more male dominated practice. Strength, although sometimes quiet lifts her work to new areas.  

Baird has spent most of her life in rural upstate New York on Lake George surrounded by the Adirondacks where her  inspiration from the natural landscape originates. She earned her BFA in Sculpture and Studio for Interrelated Media from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, Massachusetts where living in a major city inspired her in new and exciting ways. She now resides in Seattle, Washington where she has equal opportunities to experience nature and city life.