Beware the Hills

The story is a tale of two creatures that explore the fields of their forest, and beyond the hills lies the magical field of wonder. Where these two friends explore and collect flowers among the hills.
This is a collaboration between Rachel Collins (Fashion), Julia Lubiner (Film), and myself. 

Album Artwork for Feral Maz "Burnt Sugar"

Album Artwork for Feral Maz "Burnt Sugar"

Feral Maz

In 2015 I was asked by Feral Maz to create the album artwork for her EP titled Burnt Sugar, as well as the images for the background of her website. I took images from previous works and some that Maz supplied and then used photoshop to edit the colors giving my previous drawings a new look. Feral Maz is an amazing artist with a great sound and a good friend. Check out the page by using the link below!

"Feral Maz is a Boston-based solo artist interested in transcending the constraints of a single genre. Often her work is electro-centric, employing various digital instruments to create rich and varied sonic textures. Other times Maz strives for a retro-acoustic feel, collaborating with fellow musicians to include live violin and percussion. Her dynamic voice serves as the unifying factor for both"