SAW 2014

MassArt Iron Corps Takes on SAW

A group of students and alumni at Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt) went to Salem Art Works (SAW) in Salem New York for SAW's 8th Annual Intercollegiate Iron Pour. The pour started on Friday the 26th and lasted until Sunday the 28th when we packed up the rental vans and drove back to Boston. 

The iron pour at SAW is a production pour, however, because MassArt does multiple production pours throughout the school year, they allowed us to do a performance pour.

A performance pour is just what is sounds like---the emphasis is on art as performance and we get to show all the cool things that can happen with heat and metals and fire.  The production pours, in contrast, are less showy, and the results usually are finished days later, long after the "audience" has gone home.

The videos and pictures below are from our friday night disco themed performance pour. 

Enjoy the clips!

*And if you are looking for more information on the MassArt Iron Corps check out the Facebook page!